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ITECA Exhibition News

Press release

The producers from 31 countries will attend the Food Industry Exhibition
WorldFood Kazakhstan 2016

From November 2 to 4 in Almaty the 19th Central Asian International Exhibition for Food Industry - WorldFood Kazakhstan 2016 will be held. The main purpose of the event is to establish business contacts with the leading suppliers and producers of food products and beverages, equipment and technologies from 31 countries of the world.

This year the exhibitors from Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Hungary, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries will present the products and services in the sections as “Food Products and Beverages”, “Equipment and Technologies”, “Ingredients”, “Bakery, Confectionery”.

12 national groups will participate in the Exhibition. The producers from Afghanistan, Hungary, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, China, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka will introduce the products and services to Kazakhstan’s market. In total 227 world and local companies will take part in the exhibition.

Russia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan will showcase the products of the leading manufacturers, promoting the development of economic ties. Thus, Russia will introduce the manufacturers of food and beverages through regional group stands: Omsk, Novosibirsk and Kirov regions and Altai Krai. “The proof of successful work in this segment of the market is the participation in the exhibitions of Russian producers of high-quality and eco-friendly products that can offer a variety of models of maintaining data of business areas, examine interesting concepts that will result in strengthening of business ties between our countries, the establishment of modern enterprises and creation of new jobs”, - said the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan A.V. Yakovlev.

More than 30 producers of Kazakhstan at the independent exposition will introduce new items in assortment, products that have already proven themselves in the domestic market and export products in the following areas: meat and fish products, sausages, confectionery products, canned fruit and vegetables, groceries, ingredients, additives, containers and packaging.

In addition, Belarus will demonstrate the range of food and beverages from the seven major producers of the country in the areas as meat products, alcoholic beverages, refrigeration equipment and closures. And the Kyrgyz companies will bring oil and fat products and confectionery.

The exposition of the Hungarian group this year has doubled its representation compared to last year. The reason for this, according to József Urabana, member of the Hungarian stand was “high interest of the exhibition participants in 2015 in the supply of the Hungarian products to Kazakhstan’s market”.

For the first time WorldFood Kazakhstan will feature the joint exposition of the Agency for Restructuring of Agricultural Enterprises under the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which will introduce the enterprises/suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables of Uzbekistan.

China’s exposition will represent about 20 companies and all sections of the exhibition: Ingredients, Food Products and Beverages, Processing and Manufacturing Equipment, Packaging and Packaging Equipment.

On the same platform with WFK the specialized project ColdChain Kazakhstan 2016 – the first highly specialized exhibition in Central Asia, the main theme of which is innovative solutions, equipment and services for ensuring compliance with the requirements of a special temperature regime for storage and transportation of perishable goods, will start. The exhibitions KazUpack 2016 - the 14th Kazakhstan International Exhibition “Packaging, Tare, Label and Printing”, AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2016 – “Agriculture”, HOREX 2016 – “Everything for Hotels, Restaurants and Supermarkets” and CleanExpo Kazakhstan 2016 – “Cleaners and Detergents, Dry Cleaning and Laundry Machines, Cleaning Equipment” will be held in parallel. 362 companies will participate in 6 events.

Organisers of WorldFood Kazakhstan 2016: Kazakhstan Exhibition Company Iteca and its partner ITE Group Plc.

Press release

Advanced packaging solutions for your business at the exhibition KazUpack 2016

On November 2 -4 the Southern Capital will host the 14th Kazakhstan International Exhibition “Packaging, Tare, Label and Printing” - KazUpack. On its platform the exhibition will bring together more than 50 world and local manufacturers and suppliers of the packaging market. The geography of participants is presented by the countries as Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, the Czech Republic and others.

The exhibition will traditionally present the sections as: raw materials and semi-finished products for the manufacture of packaging, equipment and technologies for the production of packaging, packaging products, tare and labels.

The manufacturers and suppliers will demonstrate on their stands:

  • Equipment for the Production of Plastics
  • Paper Machines
  • Packaging Machines
  • Packaging and Packing Equipment
  • Thermoforming Machines
  • Packing Solutions for Liquid Food Products
  • PET Blowing Machines
  • Paper Packaging
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Disposable Tableware
  • Plastic Bags
  • Packaging for Perfumery and Cosmetic Products
  • Label
  • Holographic Materials
  • Closures
  • Polypropylene Films

According to the technical regulations of the Customs Union, there are about eight types of packaging. Kazakhstan manufactures five of them: paper and cardboard, polymer, glass, metal and closures. The industry of packaging and tare is only developing in Kazakhstan, the main influence on the development of the market of containers and packaging is made by the food industry, which is a direct consumer of 70-80% packaging products. For this very reason, KazUpack Exhibition is held on the same platform jointly with the exhibitions as WorldFood Kazakhstan and AgroWorld Kazakhstan.

“I always liked when several industries directly interacting with each other run in parallel. All visitors find here what they are seeking for”, - shared her impressions of KazUpack2015 Irina Tikhonova, Production Technologist of “Bychkova” IE.

This year the exhibitions HOREX 2016 – “Everything for Hotels, Restaurants and Supermarkets”, CleanExpo Kazakhstan 2016 – “Cleaners and Detergents, Dry Cleaning and Laundry Machines, Cleaning Equipment” and ColdChain Kazakhstan 2016, the first highly specialized exhibition in Central Asia, the main theme of which is innovative solutions, products and services for ensuring compliance with the requirements of a special temperature regime for storage and transportation of perishable products, will be held jointly with KazUpack. The simultaneous focus on six industries - the warranty of 100% effectiveness for each participant and visitor of the exhibition.

Details on the website: http://www.kazupack.kz/

Press release

“Cold Industry”: ColdChain Exhibition for the first time in Kazakhstan

From November 2 to 4 the Central Asian International Exhibition “Cold Storage, Transportation and Cold Chain Services” - ColdChainKazakhstan 2016 will be held for the first time in Kazakhstan.

The main theme of the exhibition will be innovative solutions, equipment and services for ensuring compliance with the requirements of a special temperature regime for storage and transportation of perishable goods.

The event will be attended by the countries as Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Netherlands, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and others. The well-known companies, including TechnoCool, CelticCooling, “Holod Invest Group”, Plattenhardt, Atlas, “Holod Market”, JiangsuAolike will participate in the exhibition as exhibitors and will demonstrate the latest technologies and of the “cold” industry.

One of the participants of the exhibition - the company “Kazpromholod” will also present the products and services in the “cold” industry. “At the moment “Kazpromholod” not only makes specialized refrigerators, but also it builds modular buildings for refrigerated warehouses, logistics centers and vegetable storehouses. In addition, we are engaged in the supply of modular cold stores for trading and food production enterprises, we perform the installation and servicing of refrigeration equipment for various purposes, design cold supply and air conditioning systems, and also supply a variety of accessories, spare parts and materials” – says the General Director of the company Maden Abdekov.

The industrial and commercial units, compressors, air coolers, chillers, consumables, and also refrigeration equipment for quick freezing of food and refrigeration units for liquid cooling will be showcased at the exhibition.

The manufacturers of dairy, oil and fat products and meat are looking for options for the appropriate storage level, and most importantly the transport of perishable goods, so ColdChainKazakhstan exhibition aims to bring innovative solutions in this field for the producers in Kazakhstan. So, one more participant - SINOCONNECT, universal logistics company, will offer solutions for “cold transportation”.

The producers of dairy, oil and fat products and meat are seeking for options for the proper level of storage, and most importantly transportation of perishable goods, therefore ColdChainKazakhstan Exhibition aims to bring innovative solutions in this sphere for the producers of Kazakhstan. So, one more participant - SINOCONNECT, a multipurpose logistics company, will offer solutions for “cold transportation”.

In the framework of the exhibition the seminar of the company LINDE GAS Kazakhstan on “Linde Gas Technologies for Food Industry” will also be held, the speaker will be Saida Rashitova - Manager for Food Industry. The seminar’s program includes the presentation of technical gas application technologies, allowing to improve the quality of the manufactured products.

The multiplier effect of the events, being held in parallel and devoted to the food industry, agriculture, packaging and HoReCa industry, will be equally effective. The visitors of ColdChainKazakhstan 2016 will have the opportunity to get information about the advanced solutions in industrial refrigeration, to visit the presentations of technologies for ensuring the required temperature regime, to learn about modern equipment of the manufacturers, including in the format of the organized B2B meetings.

More information at: http://coldchain.kz/

Press release

The major exhibition AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2016 will present the latest trends
of the agriculture industry

From November 2 to 4 Almaty will host one of the most significant exhibitions for the agroindustrial complex of Kazakhstan – the 11th Central Asian International Agriculture Exhibition - AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2016.

59 exhibiting companies from 15 countries will come to the annual exhibition to participate and demonstrate the products and services, representing the industries as livestock breeding, poultry farming, fruit cultivation, pig farming, horticulture, grain storage, veterinary medicine, animal feed, agricultural machinery and others. This year Austria, Belarus, Germany, India, Spain, Italy, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and France will take part in the exhibition. Italy will present the national group.

At AgroWorld Kazakhstan Exhibition 8 leading companies of Italy, including Cermac, Ferrari Construzioni Mecchaniche and others will present modern equipment for crop production and processing of fruits and vegetables. “Promholod” CC (Russia), HolodPromStroy-Engineering (Russia), ATLAS (Turkey) and Celtic Cooling (Netherlands) will demonstrate the latest systems of industrial refrigeration, cooling and maintaining the required temperature for freezing and storage of products at low temperatures, technological conditioning of workshops, etc. The companies Fruit Control Equipments (Italy), Flowair (Poland), IsolcellI (Italy) will introduce equipment, air conditioning systems and advanced storage technologies in controlled gaseous environment. The turnkey services will be presented in “Gardening” section from “Bazis.RU”, which will show materials, equipment, components and seedling for intense gardening.

“Trading House VIC”, a major producer and supplier of leading veterinary preparations, instruments and feed additives, the exhibits of which will be devoted to veterinary medicine, will participate in the exhibition for the first time. We would like to remind that one of the main themes of AgroWorld Kazakhstan is “Poultry Farming”. The largest international companies, among which there are Agrovo, Big Dutchman, Salmet, Facco, Tehna and others will introduce on theirs stands equipment for poultry farming, for grading and packing eggs, the systems for processing broilers, turkeys and ducks, feeding and maintenance systems for modern poultry farming and many others for the domestic poultry industry.

The Seminar on “RUUKKI RUS in Agriculture and Storage” will be held in the framework of the Exhibition. At the seminar the experts will introduce their solutions in the construction sector for the agriculture industry to the audience. The company Ruukki offers prefabricated buildings for various purposes - poultry complexes, farms and complexes for cattle, pig, storehouses for vegetables and fruit, hatchery, slaughterhouses, etc.

Alongside with AgroWorld Kazakhstan the exhibitions KazUpack 2016 – “Packaging, Tare, Label and Printing”, WorldFood Kazakhstan 2016 – “Food Industry”, HOREX 2016 – “Everything for Hotels, Restaurants and Supermarkets” and CleanExpo Kazakhstan 2016 – “Cleaners and Detergents, Dry Cleaning and Laundry Machines, Cleaning Equipment” will run. We hurry to inform you that from November 2 to 4 the specialized project ColdChain Kazakhstan 2016, the first highly specialized exhibition in Central Asia, the main theme of which is innovative solutions, products and services for ensuring compliance with the requirements of a special temperature regime for storage and transportation of perishable products, will be held.

Organisers: Kazakhstan Exhibition Company Iteca and its partner ITE Group Plc

More information is at: http://www.agroworld.kz/

Press release

Two professional exhibitions –
HOREX Kazakhstan 2016 and CleanExpo Kazakhstan 2016 will start in November!

The International Exhibitions “Everything for Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets” - HOREX Kazakhstan 2016 and “Cleaners and Detergents, Dry Cleaning and Laundry Machines, Cleaning Equipment” - CleanExpo Kazakhstan 2016 will start their work on November 2 in Almaty. The events will last three days and will gather on their platforms the representatives of the HoReCa and Cleaning industries.

This year HOREX Kazakhstan 2016 and 2016 CleanExpo Kazakhstan Exhibitions will present a full range of products, services and offers from the local and international companies. The exhibitors as Smeg Kazakhstan, “Complex-Bar KZ”, “Food Technologies”, “Torgmash”, Metro Cash & Carry Kazakhstan, ZugoHomeTextile and others will offer the best solutions in the HoReCa sector. And the companies as “Miele CIS”, CT-GLOBAL, “EuroTradingCentre”, Procter & Gamble, “Asia Vyazma” and others will offer the latest technologies in the cleanliness industry.

This year the Registration Partner of HOREX Kazakhstan 2016 is Metro Cash&Carry Kazakhstan. The Exhibition is provided support by the Exhibition Partner - Kazakhstan Association of Hotels and Restaurants (KAHAR).

The business program of HOREX will offer two large scale events for its guests and participants: the Second International Culinary Cup “Delaruk - 2016” and HOREX FORUM 2016 for restaurant keepers and hoteliers. The objective of “Delaruk – 2016” Cup is to increaseto pthe prestige of the professions as a chef, a pastry chef, a baker and promote cooking skills, as well as to develop business and industry as a whole. The skilled specialists from Belarus, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Russia, France and other countries will participate in the culinary contest. It should be noted that at the Culinary Cup chefs team, junior team will perform, individual performances of confectioners and chefs, the Bakery Championship, awarding in the categories “Golden Chef 2016”, “The Team of Chefs 2016” and performances of the international team of chefs/judges will take place.

The HoReCa industry specialists will be brought together at the Forum for hotel keepers and hoteliers, as part of which the training program, the B2B discussions devoted to the problems of HoReCa enterprises and the development of joint solutions in the team of like-minded people, as well as the presentations of the best projects of the HoReCa sector of Kazakhstan will be held. The Forum Headliners are Alexey Kislov, International Restaurant Business Coach, Zhanna Prashkevich, Marketing Consultant of Hospitality and Services Systems, Konstantin Kislov, Trainer Consultant of Restteam and others.

Furthermore, the business program of HOREX Kazakhstan 2016 and CleanExpo Kazakhstan 2016 will involve the specialized master classes and seminars.

The project ColdChain Kazakhstan 2016 – the first highly specialized exhibition in Central Asia, the main theme of which is innovative solutions, equipment and services for ensuring compliance with the requirements of a special temperature regime for storage and transportation of perishable goods, will start simultaneously with HorexKazakhstan2016 and CleanExpo Kazakhstan 2016. So will the exhibitions WorldFoodKazakhstan – the 19th Central Asian International Exhibition for Food Industry, KazUpack 2016 - the 14th Kazakhstan International Exhibition “Packaging, Tare, Label and Printing”, AgroWorld Kazakhstan 2016 - the 11th Central Asian International Agriculture Exhibition from November 2 to 4 .

Organisers: Kazakhstan Exhibition Company Iteca and its international partner ITE Group Plc.

For more information visit the events websites:

Press release

International Oil and Gas Exhibition KIOGE 2015 Enables Effective Exchange of Experiences

The global oil and gas industry has its ebbs and flows but KIOGE remains the leading meeting place for professionals in Kazakhstan’s oil industry.

Opening KIOGE 2015, Magzum Mirzagaliyev, Vice Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, said, “KIOGE is regarded as the place for reaching agreements and is a stepping stone towards implementing perspective projects. I am pleased to see here both our old friends and new guests, representatives of Kazakhstani and foreign companies, and everybody who commits their long-term strategic priorities to Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry, who shares partnership ideas for development. Our country highly values the dialogue and focus on joint work.”

The 23rd KIOGE exhibition took place from 6-9 October at Atakent, Almaty, bringing together over 350 exhibitors from 25 countries, ranging from exploration and production to refinery and consulting companies. National stands were held by Austria, Germany and China. For four days of the exhibition, the event was visited by more than 4,000 industry specialists.

The exhibition took place with support from the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, KazMunaiGaz, the Akimat (Mayor’s office) of the City of Almaty, the Kazakhstan Union of Service Companies KazService and diplomatic missions from participating countries.

KIOGE 2015’s partners included Bashneftegeofizika, Welltec, Velan, GMC Group, Ozna Company, Lloyd`s Register Energy, Auma Drives, Tengizchevroil, TMF Group, Fluor and Honeywell.

Maksat Tadzhibayev, KazNIPImunaygas JSC:

“I enjoy visiting KIOGE. It is the epicentre of the latest events related to oil and gas. Such exhibitions are very useful, as here we meet other large companies and potential partners.”

Aleksey Usachev, Chief Engineer for Electrical Equipment Repair of the Atyrau Petrochemical Plant (APP), noted that his visit had been both efficient and effective. He made contact with around ten companies from Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and other countries.

KIOGE 2015 presented technologies for oil and gas storage and transportation, manufacturers of the latest measurement tools, pressure and temperature control devices, and muc more.

Along with foreign exhibitors, local companies and joint enterprises demonstrated advanced solutions for the oil and gas industry.

As usual, the key exhibit was KazMunaiGaz’s stand, which brought together its subsidiaries. Nurtas Shmanov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Service Projects of KazMunaiGaz; Kayrgeldy Kabyldin, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Oil Transportation of KazMunaiGaz; and Kairat Sharipbayev, Deputy Chairman of the Transportation and Marketing of Gas of KazMunaiGaz, took active part in KIOGE 2015.

Germany was represented by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany in cooperation with the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry with support from the Association of German Engineers.

Monica Khoplakher, Head of the CIS Countries Division of the Association of German Engineers commented, “We are here through the German Ministry of Economic Affairs’ programme to support mid-size companies that would not otherwise get the opportunity to enter foreign markets independently, especially those remote from Germany. Here, at KIOGE, we are presenting 26 companies from various sectors. These are mainly manufacturers of pumps, offshore platforms, fittings, various energy equipment and technological services, including drilling works.”

Michael Muller, on behalf of the Trade Attaché and Head of the Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy to Kazakhstan, noted in his official welcome letter, that it is the first time that Austria’s official trade promotion organisation Advantage Austria presented a stand that brought together 11 companies. “In terms of the need for greater efficiency and cost savings, the Made in Austria quality brand is especially in demand.”

China was well represented at the exhibition, particularly by regional and related branches of the CNPC Corporation. Xinjiang Petroleum Survey and Design Institute were among newcomers this year.

At the beginning of the 90s, KIOGE mainly featured oil companies, but in recent years, more and more manufacturers have been exhibiting, and not just from Kazakhstan – this year China and Russia were widely represented. One Russian company exhibiting was Ozna, represented by Olga Shokurova, who said, “We are regular exhibitors at KIOGE. Our company has worked in Kazakhstan for many years and we intend to remain here for a long time to come.”

The largest Russian manufacturer of electric blast-resistant equipment, Velan, presented a blast-resistant computer and wireless Wi-Fi access point for the first time in Kazakhstan.

IEC TELECOM presented three innovative solutions for voice and data transfer: Thuraya Atlas, Thuraya IP+ and Thuraya HotSleeve focus on optimising business processes and efficiency gains in modern business. “We see a lot of interest from the conference participants in our new solutions. Innovations in telecommunications enable the oil and gas industry to save costs and time, which is of critical importance during the crisis. That was the reason of our success at KIOGE, I suppose,” commented Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO of IEC Telecom Kazakhstan.

The huge outdoor presented a whole range of car modifications, including those from Almaty Kamaz Autocentre. Here, one could also examine containers produced in Kazakhstan, solar power electrical generators and engines from Europe, a huge cable handling vehicle and other equipment.

KIOGE is on the agendas of both professionals from leading private fuel and energy companies and senior officials from relevant state institutions.

KIOGE 2015 was attended by senior management from AtyrauNefteMash and Atyrau and Pavlodar Oil Refineries; Larisa Zhumagaliyeva, Head of the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Industrial Innovative Development; the Akimat (Mayor) of the Atyrau Region; and Amirbek Tulegen, Chair of the Board for Aktau Seaport Special Economic Zone.

Albert Rau, Vice Minister of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, praised the exhibition and held a number of negotiations with exhibitors, including Mr. Young Tahk Park, Executive Vice Chairman of the Korean Association of Machinery Industry, on the potential launch of new facilities in Kazakhstan.

Every year, Iteca and its international partner ITE Group offer exhibitors and visitors new technological solutions to help make the most of the exhibition’s opportunities. This year, a new visitor registration system was introduced, providing a more efficient data processing system enabling the team to inform visitors of upcoming events and reduce registration time.

A promotional event was held at the exhibition, with support from Honeywell, to introduce the new branding for Iteca’s oil and gas events, as part of ITE’s broader initiative. Next year, KIOGE will be held under the new Global Oil and Gas brand.

Official website – www.kioge.kz.

Contact: Larisa Litvinenko, pr@iteca.kz.

Press release

KIOGE 2015: Oil and Gas to Keep Dominant Role in Global Energy Balance

The 23rd International KIOGE 2015 Oil & Gas Conference was held in Almaty from 7-8 October.

Opening the plenary session, Magzum Mirzagaliyev, Vice Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, said, “KIOGE is regarded as the place for reaching agreements and is a stepping stone towards implementing perspective projects. I am confident that this year will be no exception and will enable us to learn about the latest developments and technological solutions in the oil and gas industry, ensure opinions on pressing issues are shared and will have a positive impact on the latest ideas and achievements in the oil and gas industry.”

KIOGE 2015’s partners included Bashneftegeofizika, Welltec, Velan, GMC Group, Ozna Company, Lloyd`s Register Energy, Auma Drives, Tengizchevroil, TMF Group, Fluor and Honeywell.

The conference took place with support from the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, KazMunaiGaz, the Akimat (Mayor’s office) of the City of Almaty, the Kazakhstan Union of Service Companies KazService and diplomatic missions from participating countries.

KIOGE 2015 was once again an important platform for discussing the difficult situation that we are currently seeing on the energy markets. The conference proved that experts are not inclined to overstate the issue, despite the challenges.

Magzum Mirzagaliyev suggested that, according to the International Energy Agency, annual oil consumption is due to increase by more than 1/3 by 2030. Though the consumption growth rate will slow, oil and gas’ dominant role in the global energy balance will remain.

This is expected to be true for both the global oil and gas industry and Kazakhstan’s oil and gas sector. This also identifies the further need for events such as KIOGE. The conference has become more technical as a response to challenges in global processes: the initial sessions covered issues such as maximizing oil production.

This can be justified by processes pointed out by Mr Mirzagaliyev, “Today, the world is on the brink of understanding that the era of ‘easy oil’ is a thing of the past and, as experts believe, Earth’s main oil and gas resources are concentrated at depths of 7-15km. Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry is dependent on deposits in the Caspian Lowland where 75-80% of the hydrocarbon resources are located. However, in 15-20 years, we expect a decrease in oil production in the Tengiz, Karachaganak, and Kashagan fields and in Kazakhstan as a whole. The resource base can only be replenished by exploring deeper layers where nearly two dozen large (over 300 million tonnes) hydrocarbon deposits are likely to be found.”

The Eurasia project – an extra-deep well in the Pre-Caspian region – was, as expected, mentioned in the report. According to Kazakhstani experts, the project will not only attract leading international companies but will also provide an opportunity to keep the level of oil production in Kazakhstan at 100 million tonnes a year in the long term. A package of beneficial investment terms and tax reductions is being developed for the project, KazMunaiGaz are setting up an operational company, works on acquiring and processing data are scheduled for 2016, seismic exploration is planned for 2017 and preparation for shell drilling is expected from 2019-2020.

According to Nurtas Shmanov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Service Projects of KazMunaiGaz, KIOGE 2015 has reaffirmed its status as a major and reputable event for discussing development issues and presenting advanced technological solutions in the fuel and energy industry.

The industry currently faces a number of challenges. In particular, the need for large-scale oil and gas exploration in low geological layers. “This is not a big amount; it is a huge amount of long-term and hard work. But Kazakhstan and its foreign partners have potential to reach these layers,” stressed Mr. Shmanov. The conference will contribute to discussing further steps.

The conference also covered the regional aspect of industry development. Larisa Zhumagaliyeva, Head of the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Industrial Innovative Development of the Akimat (Mayor’s office) of the Atyrau Region, noted the significance of the conference for the region she represents. “Atyrau is the centre of the national oil and gas cluster that will develop in a number of directions.” Ms. Zhumagaliyeva pointed out, noting, in particular, the start of oil and gas extraction in the Kashagan field in the near future. She also expressed her hope that those present would use the free economic zone to implement their ideas and plans in the Atyrau Region.

KIOGE’s status as an informative platform for sharing major achievements was affirmed by Murat Munbayev, General Manager of Strategic Planning and Analysis Department of Tengizchevroil LLP. The exploration of the Tengiz field has been a catalyst for the development of related industries, especially transporting oil via the CIS’s first and only private pipeline. Tengizchevroil’s success was achieved mainly by ensuring work safety.

Bazar Eskozha, Chief Geologist of North Caspian Oil Development LLP addressed an important aspect of geological exploration in Kazakhstan. The renowned expert talked about prospects for using Mesozoic rock mass interiors, which may help avoid the decline in production.

As usual, the first day of the conference ended with an awards ceremony hosted by Almas Kudaybergen, representative of KazService Kazakhstan Union of Service Companies. He noted that 1 million people in Kazakhstan depend on the work of the companies in this sector. The Union established the awards for professionals contributing to development in the sector. Along with managers of oil companies, Magzum Mirzagaliyev, Vice Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Zhakyp Marabayev, Deputy Managing Director of NCOC, received awards.

Speakers also discussed legal mechanisms to reduce losses, retain valuable staff during a crisis and use technologies for domestic production. An entire day was dedicated to issues of transportation and diversifying deliveries, optimising business processes, environmental protection and restricting harmful emissions.

Over 350 delegates participated in the conference, namely senior managers, heads of structural units, geologists, geophysicists, project engineers, developers, technical directors, business development managers, ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions, sales representatives from various countries, and others.

In line with ITE Group’s broader initiative, KIOGE will take place next year under the new Global Oil and Gas brand, a single universally recognised brand for ITE’s oil and gas events.

Official website – www.kioge.kz.

Contact: Larisa Litvinenko, pr@iteca.kz.

Press release

21 st Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition

May 14–16, 2014

Kazakhstan , Almaty, KCBC «Atakent»

Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2014 opens new possibilities

The 400 trademarks will be presented by more than 300 companies out of 25 world countries at the 21 st Kazakhstan International Healthcare Exhibition - KIHE 2014. The event will take place on May 14–16 in two pavilions of Atakent in Almaty with the total area of 8,000 square meters.

KIHE 2014 is based on the companies-manufacturers and distributors of the medical equipment. The national companies offer drugs, decontaminating equipment, innovations in dentistry and orthodontia, chemistry products and many others together with the medical equipment. The geography of the exposition covers the following countries: Austria, Belarus, UK, Germany, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Latvia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan. Hungary, Spain, Slovakia, USA and Croatia take part in the exhibition for the first time.

Germany and China represent the national stands based on the manufacturers of the medical equipment, techniques and health products. The group of the companies from Russia and Turkey is widely represented.

On May 14 within KIHE 2014 the Round table will take place on : «Development of public-private partnership in Healthcare Services of Kazakhstan». The organizers are: JSC « Kazakhstan center of PPP» under the jurisdiction of the RK Ministry of Economics and Budget Planning and «PPP projects support center» under the National Holding «BAITEREK». The objective of the summit is to introduce to the audience the innovations in statutory regulation, state motivation and financing of PPP in the RK, and the initiatives of PPP in public health services. Besides the speeches of the Chairmen of the Boards of Round table organizers the new projects “Hospital Solutions” of Medtronic company and “Almaty Academic medical center” will be presented.

For the first time ever at KIHE 2014 the section “Healthcare and Medical Tourism” based on the exposition of the 29 clinics, medical and healthcare centers from Germany, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea and Turkey will start its work. The co-organizer of the project is the Global Healthcare Travel Council (GHTC). The diamond sponsor is the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council – ÒÍÒÑ .

The traditional business program of KIHE 2014 includes seminars, master classes and presentations regarding the innovations in healthcare taking places simultaneously in the three conference halls of the pavilions ¹10 and ¹11. The Philips company as the official partner of the business program presents « Discussion regarding the ultrasonic technologies for the modern doctors illustrated on the example of the Philips equipment». The discussion tales place during all exhibition days.

«Intermedika Almaty» LLC represents the innovative optical (electrodeless) technologies for the express diagnostics of the gas and electrolyte blood structure including the hematologic reagents. The « Ì edipal-Onko» (BioTiki) company puts up to the role of glycine in treatment of acute ischemic stroke. The re-equipment of the bacteriological laboratory and improvement of the microbiological diagnostics using the «HiMedia Laboratories» devices are presented by the representatives of the company in Kazakhstan – «AG Medical Company/HiMedia Kazakhstan». «Kazmedimport» LLC offers the product line of « Little Doctor» and «Nissei» trademarks. The «MILE» company conducts the seminar «Cleaning of medical devices and laboratory dishes in MPIs. Cleaning, disinfection and drying in closed cycle. New methods of infection control in the hospitals» . The company «GE Healthcare» prepared the report on: «Effective administration at the hospitals». The company «Aksel and À » offers the training: «The hematology analyzer Nexus with 50 options. The most innovative device for hematologic analysis. HORIBA Medical».

The healthcare services development institute of Japan – the representative office KHIDI organizes a B2B summit between the Japanese companies and the participants of the exhibition KIHE 2014.

The KIHE 2014 is officially supported by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Alimat (Administration) Almaty; KSA «Almaty Public Health Department»; JSC «National Medical Holding»; Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in the RK; National Medical Association in the RK. The organizers are Iteca (Kazakhstan) and ITE Group Plc (Great Britain) exhibition companies.

The partner of the registration is “MedExpert”, LLC. The partner of the self-service terminals at the exhibition is “Medicus Eurasia”, PJSC. The partner of the conference halls is the SHARP company.

The more detailed information about the event, the program of the seminars and registration of the participants are available at the official website of KIHE 2014 - www.kihe.kz.

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Press release

14th Kazakhstan International Exhibition
“Tourism and travel”

23-25 April, 2014

Pavilion 10 and 11, Kazakhstan Centre of Business Cooperation “Atakent”, Almaty, Kazakhstan .


KITF 2014: the whole world - one exhibition

The 14th Kazakhstan International exhibition “Tourism and travel”- KITF 2014 will present more than 100 travel destinations: all from the unique and exciting Kazakhstan, welcoming and fascinating Europe to a mysterious Asia and inviting islands. The event takes place on the 23th-25th of April in Pavilions 10 and 11 of the Kazakhstan Centre of Business Cooperation Atakent, Almaty. Organizers - exhibition companies Iteca ( Kazakhstan ) and ITE Group Plc ( United Kingdom ) with the official support of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Almaty City Akimat (Administration).

The exhibition KITF 2014 represents 550 companies on an area of more than 6,500 sq. ft from 41 countries of the world. The participants include 20 national stands: Azerbaijan, China, Croatia, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Georgia, India, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Morocco, Russia, Sri Lanka, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey and U.A.E..

For the first time this year, the following countries are represented with their national stands: The Republic of Cuba - represented by the Ministry of Tourism of Cuba, the Russian Federation - represented by Sverdlovsk region, the main theme of the exposition was the presentation of the brand “Jewel Ring of Urals” (the Greater Ural) (as a reminder, 2014 was declared the year of tourism in the Commonwealth of Independent States), and Italy represented by Veneto Region, the exposition of which is represented by the Minister of Tourism of the of Veneto Region - Marino Finozzi.

Also among the officials present at the exhibition, there are General Director of the Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), U.A.E. – Mr. Mohamad AlMuhairi (stand of Dubai ), General Consul of the Republic of Turkey in the Republic of Kazakhstan - Mr. Suphi Atan (stand of Turkey ), Head of Issyk-Kul district administration - Mr. Raiymbek Akmattursunovich Imangaziev (stand of Kyrgyzstan ).

Traditionally, the Committee of Tourism Industry of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan occupies the central place of the pavilion with a national stand. All the regions of Kazakhstan participate with individual expositions and represent a rich tourist potential of the country. Kazakhstan Tourist Association conducts a seminar: “Painful points and prospects for development of domestic and inbound tourism of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, and the Department of External Relations of East Kazakhstan Region will present the topic: “Development of the tourist activity of East Kazakhstan on the basis of partnership”.

On the 24th of April as part of the support of the promotion of domestic tourism, the company Tourist Centre Tri Kita LLP organizes the first conference: “Modern technologies to a national tourist`s product”. The event takes place in the Reception House Bakshasaray.

The exhibition KITF 2014 presents training programs for travel agents. The company Daphne Travel International conducts a seminar: “IATI: online booking systems. Training”. Sun Holidays Tour operator shares the experience: “How to increase sales of a manager of tourism department?”

A highly topical business program takes place in two seminar halls of the pavilion simultaneously with the presentations at the stands of exhibitors. One of the topics will be “Education abroad” by “Logos – the Development Centre”. The season`s novelties and diversity of tourist destinations will be presented by travel companies: ATLAS-1; AT Travel Vietnam ; Breeze Line Cruises&Tours; Natalie Tours Kazakhstan ; Mouzenidis Travel; Premium Travel Company; Tengri Travelsystem; Sun Holidays Tour operator, and many others.

Among the new products of the KITF 2014 -special theme - cruise tours, which are represented by all kinds of cruises in all waters at the stands of the companies: Premium Travel Company Breeze Line, VIP Crouse Kazakhstan, and others.

Traditionally, a special section “Medical tourism” takes place within the framework of the KITF exhibition. For the first time, representatives of Medical Association of Koyang City ( South Korea ), as well as clinics and hospitals of the province Kyongi take part in the KITF 2014 exhibition. In addition to offers from South Korea, the section presents: resorts of the Czech Republic, hospitals of Germany, Greece, Thailand, Turkey, Poland, and China, as well as sanatoria and rest houses of Kazakhstan and Russia .

A full-service Kazakhstan tour operator in Europe, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, U.A.E., and Thailand - the company Travel System - is a partner of the exhibition registration for the second year in a row. The company is also a partner of the regional tourist exhibition Astana Leisure. This year the partners of the exhibition are the chain of hotels Cornelia and the tourist portal Tour.Profi.

Further information, list of participants, agenda and registration of visitors are available on the official website of the event - www.kitf.kz.

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Press Release

4th Kazakhstani International Conference and Tradeshow
On Occupational Health and Industrial Safety

24- 25 April 2014, Korme Exhibition Centre, Astana, Kazakhstan

KIOSH 2014: Enterprise security and occupational safety

The 4th Kazakhstani International Conference and Tradeshow on Occupational Health and Industrial Safety, KIOSH 2014, will be held on 24 - 25 April.

The project is officially supported by the RoK Ministry of Labour and Population Social Protection; the RoK Ministry of Emergency Situations ; the RoK Association of Light Industrial Enterprises; the RoK Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises; The RF PPE Association; The RF National Association of Occupational Health Centres (NAOHC); The RSCE the Republican Scientific Research Institute for Occupational Health of the RoK Ministry of Labor and Population Social Protection.

The unchanged organizers of KIOSH 2014 are the Kazakhstani tradeshow company Iteca in cooperation with its international partners from ITE Group Plc (U.K.). Gold Partners are ENRC Corporation, Allies Industrial and Emmett Workwear. 3M is a Silver Partner. Borkit Safety, KazZinc and TengizChevroil are Bronze Partners.

On 24 April, the opening day of the conference will be kicked off by Tamara Kasymovna Duisenova, Kazakhstan `s Minister of Labour and Population Social Protection. The plenary session will be held on the topic of “State and International Policies in the Area of Occupational Health: Structural Preventive Measures”.

At the KIOSH 2014 conference, the most pressing issues around occupational health and industrial safety will be raised by leading experts from the World Labour Organization (ILO), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centre for Risk, Security and Environment (CERISE), the RF PPE Association, the RCSE Republican Scientific Research Institute for Occupational Health of the RoK Ministry of Labour and Population Social Protection, the Kazakhstan Federation of Professional Unions, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, ALE Kazakhstani Association of Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics and other international and local organizations leading active business in this industry.

During the conference, representatives from some of the world`s largest industrial companies will share their experiences with occupational health. The organizations represented are ENRC Kazakhstan, KazZinc LLC, 3M, Tengizchevroil LLP, DuPont, Shell Kazakhstan, PV Technoavia Firm LLC, among others.

The KIOSH 2014 conference will touch on questions around the management of industrial processes, from analysis to implementation ; questions surrounding corporate initiative and strategies in the area of occupational health; science-based health, safety and protecting employees at industrial enterprises; basis directions in the improvement of safety systems and occupational health in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On the second day of KIOSH 2014, the delegates will take part in round table meetings on topics ranging from Safety Management for Contractors – Current Approaches to Implementing the Safe Labour Program at Kazzinc LLP as well as on Legal Support for Using Dietetic and Prophylactic Nutrition Products at Industrial Enterprises in the Republic of Kazakhstan .

Over 50 companies from Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine will have exhibits at KIOSH 2014, which include Skinkea CSJC ( Russia ), a developer and manufacturer of modern high quality protective equipment. Also represented are the Kazakhstani companies KAZPROF SAFETY and Amirsana LLP with its workwear, workboots and personal protective equipment; ECOS Company LLP (Kazakhstan), the main activities of which are aimed at supporting safety at industrial facilities, including the supply of certified industrial safety equipment, fire and gas alarm systems, fire extinguishing and emergency alarm systems. The Company MSA SAFETY KAZAKHSTAN ( Kazakhstan ) produces high quality protective equipment . NGS+ Group of Companies ( Kazakhstan ) provides comprehensive services for construction firms, manufacturing and extraction enterprises, including the supply expendables, professional and semi-professional tools, and mounting hardware. Other companies, representing the full range of products and services for complex safety services in such industries as oil and gas, the mining and metallurgical complex, the chemical industry, energy, transportation and infrastructure, and construction.

As is the tradition, the results from two industry contests will be announced during KIOSH 2014. Within the framework of the annual national Korgan contest, the organizers recognize the best in the area of occupational health and industrial safety in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the categories Company of the Year, Specialist of the Year, Project of the Year, Best Educational Program; Best PPE Supplier and Best PPE Manufacturer.

The Senim Contest held by the Committee on Control and Social Protection of Kazakhstan`s Ministry of Labour and Population Social Protection recognizes the best companies in terms of safety and occupational health among the country`s employers.

More detailed information, the conference program and list of KIOSH 2014 exhibitors, as well as attendee registration are available on the official event portal www.kiosh.kz .

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Press Release

2 nd Kazakhstani International Machine Building, Machine Tool Building and Automation Exhibition

4 th Kazakhstani International Energy Electrics and Power-Plant Machine Building Exhibition

5 th Anniversary Kazakhstani International Nuclear Energy and Industry Exhibition

8-10 April 2014, Korme Exhibition Complex, Astana, Kazakhstan

Astana: Nuclear. Energy. Machine Building.

From 8 through 10 April 2014 three international industrial exhibitions will be held at Astana`s Korme Exhibition Complex, combining projects spanning a number themes: Kazatomexpo, Power Astana and MachExpo Kazakhstan . The organizers are Kazakhstani Exhibition Company Iteca along with international partners ITE Group Plc ( United Kingdom ).

The combined exhibition featuring Kazatomexpo, Power Astana and MachExpo Kazakhstan represents 80 companies from Germany, Israel, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and the Czech Republic .

Welcoming the exhibitors at Kazatomexpo 2014, Alexander Yakovlev, Trade Representative of the Russian Federation noted, “The development of the nuclear sector is an indicator of a country`s high level of innovative development, as technologies developed and used in the nuclear sphere can also be applied in medicine, space and other areas of human life. Because of this the international exhibition Kazatomexpo 2014 attracts the attention of the leading Kazakhstani, Russian and international businesses involved in nuclear and related industries, representatives of state and commercial structures.”

Kazatomexpo 2014 is officially sponsored by Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan; NNC Kazatomprom JSC; State Nuclear Energy Corporation Rosatom; National Nuclear Centre of the Republic of Kazakhstan RSE and Nuclear Technology Park JSC.

The exhibitors at Kazatomexpo 2014 include the National Nuclear Centre of the Republic of Kazakhstan . The Centre`s main areas of work are engineering developments in the area of nuclear energy, the development of nuclear science, radioactive materials research, nuclear and radiation technologies, environmental radiology, supporting the non-proliferation regime, etc..

The areas at the Power Astana 2014 Exhibition cover electrical equipment, technologies and services, both for industrial enterprises, as well as for end consumers. Exhibitors at the event include such companies as Radiy NPE (Ukraine), which develops, manufactures and deliveries management and security systems for energy facilities; Uralelektra NPE (Kazakhstan), which designs, produces, commissions and services electrical supply systems, variable speed drives, Automated Process Control Systems; UES New Technologies LLC ( Kazakhstan) is a subsidiary of Ural Energy Union LLP, Yekaterinburg, and works to promote the high-voltage equipment products of European, Russian and Chinese manufacturing facilities on Kazakhstan`s market, among many other participants.

Power Astana 2014 is being held with the support of Kazakhstan Ministry of Industries and New Technologies; the Kazakhstani Power Network Management Company KEGOC, JSC; The Kazakhstani Electrical Power Association KEA and the RoK Union of Power Engineers.

The Exposition at the 2nd Kazakhstani International Exhibition of Machine Building, Machine-Tool Building and Automation—MachExpo Kazakhstan 2014 will represent sections on: Heavy and Medium Machine Building; Precision Machine-Building; Automation, Standardization and Process Information Support; Welding Equipment, Technologies and Materials; Enterprise Occupational Health and Safety.

Exhibitors Include: Velikoluksky Experimental Machine-Building Plant (Russia); Siberian Process Machine-Building Plant (Russia); Petropavlovsk Heavy Machine-Building Plant (Kazakhstan); Novosibirsk Cable Insulation Plant (Russia) and many others. Kazakhstan `s Ministry of Industry and New Technologies and the RoK Union of Machine-Builders are the official sponsors of MachExpo Kazakhstan 2014 .

Within the context of the packed business program, on 9 April a seminar will be held titled Energy Audit, Modern Technologies and Energy Service, a Means to Enterprise Energy Efficiency, which will familiarize the audience with the objectives, tasks and stages in the conducting of energy audits. The representatives at Alageum Electric JSC will inform the specialists about their energy conserving technologies, while experts from the UN Development Programme will give a presentation on the topic of Energy Audits for Street and Public Building Illumination. It`s expected that over 100 specialists will take part in the seminars.

Detailed information about the exhibitions, a list of exhibitors and the schedule for the business program can be found on the event`s official site www.machexpo.kz .

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Press Release

13th North Caspian Regional Exhibition
Atyrau Oil & Gas 2014

1-3 April 2014


8th Atyrau Regional Oil and Gas Technology Conference
OILTECH Atyrau 2014

1- 2 April 2014


13th North Caspian
Regional Construction Exhibition
Atyrau Build 2014

1-3 April 2014


International business week in Atyrau

Work has started in Atyrau on the largest exhibition in the region, which combines two topics – oil and gas and construction – “Atyrau Oil & Gas 2014” and “Atyrau Build 2014.” The Exhibition will be held from 1 through 3 April in the Atyrau Sports Complex and a temporary pavilion especially erected for the event. In line with tradition, the 8th Atyrau Regional Oil and Gas Technology Conference OILTECH Atyrau 2014 will be held at the same time, on 1-2 April in the Renaissance Atyrau Hotel.

Official support for the project is provided by the RoK Ministry of Oil and Gas, the RoK Ministry of Regional Development, NC KazMunaiGaz JSC, Atyrau municipal and Oblast Akims` Offices (administrations), the RoK Union of Service Companies and the Kazakhstani Society of Petroleum Geologists. The organizers of the exhibition are Iteca (Kazakhstan) and ITE Group Plc (U.K.) companies.

“The Atyrau region is important not only in terms of its geopolitical status, but also in terms of the strategic role it plays in the national economy. Because of this, concern about the socioeconomic status of this region is one of our top priorities. In connection with this, there is a pressing need to conduct regional business events with the involvement of the key operators, service companies and representatives of state bodies,” said Uzakbay Karabalin, Kazakhstan`s Minister of Oil and Gas, in his open address to the participants at the event .

The Atyrau Oil & Gas 2014 exhibition will include 140 companies from Austria, Belarus, the U.K., Germany, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, the Netherlands, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and Switzerland. This year, in addition to the traditional exhibition sectors, new areas will be presented for the first time: Coatings – Corrosion-Resistant Pipeline Coatings and Welding in the Oil and Gas Industry. Thus, the organizers are aiming to demonstrate the whole range of technology used in the construction of oil and gas pipelines and oil storage depots.

Permanent participants in the exhibition include: NC Kazmunaigaz, Tengizchevroil, NCOC, Packer, Ozna, Atyrauneftemash, Wika Kazakhstan, Caspian Offshore Construction, West Dala, Evrospetsarmatura, Netzsch Pumpen & Systeme Gmbh, Votkinsky Plant, Motovilikhisnky Plant, Astel, Radian and many others. Companies participating in the exhibition for the first time include Schneider Electric, Kosmos-Neft-Gaz, MARSHALL, Lugansky Pipeline Valve Plant.

Participants in the OILTECH Atyrau 2014 exhibition will also include key oil-production and service companies, oil processing and petrochemical plants from Austria, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands and Russia.

The two-day conference program covers issues including the development of oil-and-gas fields on marine shelves, increasing oil yield, industrial safety and state environmental control and the development of oil processing and petrochemistry. Special attention was paid to the topic of drilling technologies. Within the framework of the geological exploration seminar, the latest achievements in the area of oil-and-gas geology are discussed in detail and the most current projects are reviewed.

The speakers at the conference include top managers of leading companies: NC KazMunaiGaz JSC, Tengizchevroil, KazNIGRI JSC, Gazpromneft OJSC, Denton, Lukoil-Nizhnevolzhkneft LLP, OKhK URALKHIM OJSC, as well as members of professional unions and associations.

The sponsors of the oil-and-gas events are NCOC, Lotis, Endress+Hauser, FEI and Hempel .

Over 40 exhibitors are participating in the “Atyrau Build 2014”, 80% of which represent local companies in sections on: Construction, Interior, Heating and Ventilation, Windows, Doors and Façades, Ceramics and Stone, Road Building.

In his welcome address to the participants at the exhibition, Baktykozha Izmukhambetov, Atyrau Oblast Akim said, “The current quality requirements for the construction of buildings and structures means that new construction technologies, including energy-efficient developments will have to be used. In light of the current policy for accelerated industrial and innovative development in the sector and economic diversification, the construction industry plays a no less important role that the oil and gas sector. The socioeconomic status of the country and region will improve significantly thanks to the development of the industry. In particular, the construction of numerous industrial house-building factory facilities will facilitate job creation and citizen welfare. I`m pleased to announce that both local and international construction industry manufacturers will take part in the exhibition.”

Participation in the Atyrau Oil & Gas 2014 and the Atyrau Build 2014 exhibitions will make it possible to strengthen partnership relations, expand contacts for reaching mutually beneficial goals and to research and analyze the outside while evaluating supply and demand in the segment in which participants operate. Over a short period of time and at one location, visitors will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the most widely varied equipment and services, compare the products offered, receive specialist consultations in live conversation, establish business contacts and sign contracts.

Official event websites: www.oil-gas.kz; www.atyraubuild.kz.

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Press Release

Specialized Kazakhstan Construction Materials Exhibition

12-14 March 2014
Atakent IEC, Almaty, Kazakhstan



2014 KCM Exhibition Caters to Builders in Kazakhstan

On 12-14 March 2014, the KCM (Kazakhstan Construction Materials) exhibition will be held in the pavilions of Atakent KCBC in Almaty, which traditionally accompanies and supports the spring construction season.

“Considering the importance of developing and increasing local content in the construction industry, the KCM 2014 Exhibition is a unique platform for the promotion of the Programme for the Development of the Construction Industry and the Production of Construction Materials in Kazakhstan for 2010-2014,” was the greeting given by Yerbol Shormanov, Almaty Deputy Akim, to the participants and guests of the event.

KCM 2014 will involve 70 exhibitors, 88% of which represent domestic materials in the following sections: Construction, Interior, Heating and Ventilation, Tile and Stone, as well as representatives from specialized media.

The participants at the exhibition this year include: InvestStroiModul-2030, a company offering modern materials used in dry mounting technology; Torgstroy, with its polyethylene fittings; the Company Megal Lider Plast, selling window and door system profiles` Arselor Mittal Temirtau, specializing in metal sheeting; Art Construction Company, a brickmaker; Blue Ocean Kazakhstan, with pipes and fittings; Kazakstan Pipe Plant; Deco Facade and many others.

The Business Programme at KCM 2014 consists of seminars from ArselorMittal Temirtau on the topic of “Section Rolling at ArselorMittal Temirtau” and from PG KZ on the topic of “Technical Characteristics and Methods for the use of Penoplex and Plastfoil Materials in Modern Energy-Efficient Construction. ”

The KCM 2014 Exhibition is traditionally held concurrently with the Real Estate and Investment – KazRealty 2014 Exhibition and Forum with the support of Kazakhstan `s Ministry of Regional Development, the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies and the Almaty Akim`s Office. The event is organized by the Kazakhstan Exhibition Company Iteca.

Additional information and visitor registration available at www.kcmexpo.kz.

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Press Release

8th Kazakhstan International Exhibition and Forum on Real Estate and Investment

12–14 March 2014
Pavilion 9A, Atakent IEC, Almaty


KazRealty 2014: Valuable Investments in Real Estate

The 8th Kazakhstan International Exhibition and Forum, Real Estate and Investment – KazRealty 2014 is being held in Almaty from 12 through 14 March at Pavilion No. 9A at the Atakent Kazakhstan Centre for Business Cooperation, concurrently with the 2014 Kazakhstan Construction Materials Exhibition.

The KazRealty 2014 Exhibition will be a gathering of leading Kazakhstan and international real estate specialists. Developers, real estate agencies, banks and insurance and management companies are presenting their best proposals and projects. The exhibition will offer the opportunity to receive professional consultations on the most profitable means of investing in real estate and to learn about modern capital maintenance and financial management methods. Visitors will receive professional legal consultations on the questions surrounding the purchase and sale of real estate in Kazakhstan and abroad.

The organizers are from the Kazakhstan company Iteca and companies from 13 countries will be represented at KazRealty 2014: Bulgaria, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Crete, Latvia, UAE, Russia, the U.S., Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro. Real estate in Switzerland will be presented at the exhibition for the first time.

The exhibitors at KazRealty 2014 are presenting: primary and secondary housing (from EUR600 per sq. m); all-inclusive condominiums (from EUR1000 per sq. m); villas, penthouses, townhouses (from EUR1200 per sq. m); stone villas and development land ready for construction (from EUR1800 per sq. m); turnkey businesses (a winery, furniture factor, etc.) are priced from EUR50 to 2800 per sq. m. Construction companies are directly representing apartments, buildings and commercial real estate priced from EUR50 to 2800 per sq. m, as well as elite turnkey apartments starting at EUR750 per sq. m.

This is the second year that the KazRealty Exhibition has been the platform for a Real Estate Forum sponsored by the Foreign Property Club (Moscow, Russia).

The topic of the first day of the KazRealty 2014 forum is “Around the World in 180 Minutes”. The participants at the forum are presented with an overview of the leading countries in terms of end-user real estate acquisitions: Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Turkey and many others. “Tourist, Emigrant or Just the Status of your Foreign Acquisition? Why to buy Foreign Real Estate”. Light will be shed on the topics of overseas medical treatment and education.

On the second day, a series of seminars will be presented exploring the topic of: “All the Real Estate in the World, broken down into special offers and investment projects in Thailand, Vietnam, Cuba and other Interesting Countries”. In addition, the forum will also bring up the topic of “Business in Europe as the main Migration Tool”, “Foreign Real Estate for Novice Professionals: Rules of the Game and Market Development Trends”.

Additional information and visitor registration can be found at www.kazrealty.kz .

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4th Almaty International Exhibition
"Protection, Security, Fire Safety and Rescue"

12–14 March 2014, Atakent IEC, Almaty, Kazakhstan



The 4th Almaty International Protection, Security, Fire Safety and Rescue AIPS 2014 Exhibition will take place on 12-14 March in the pavilions of Atakent IEC, Almaty. The organizers of the event are Kazakhstan exhibition companies Iteca and Atakent-Expo in association with the Egida Group of companies, which from the have been the co-organizers and Gerneral Sponsors of the exhibition from the beginning.

85 companies from Belarus, Great Britain, India, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Russia, the USA, Turkey, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Sweden will exhibit at AIPS 2014. The exhibition will feature security equipment, CCTV and surveillance, fire safety, rescue and emergency equipment, IT security, smart-cards, ID-technologies and bank equipment, civilian and hunting weapons and accessories, specialized clothing, security equipment and much more.

Exhibitors include companies such as AXIS Communications (Sweden), delivering solutions for professional network surveillance, DAHUA (China), the global video surveillance solutions provider, Trading House INTANT (Kazakhstan), who are involved in the supply, sale and installation of security systems from different brands, Panasonic security and video surveillance systems, Consel, who will present fire extinguishing systems as well as Micro Digital Kazakhstan with video surveillance systems from South Korea and many others.

Visitors to AIPS 2014 will have the opportunity to review advanced technologies for integrated safety and security from the Speech Technology Center while the Ural Specialised Coatings Plant will present the latest development of chemists from the Urals – the Sternfire St fire protection compound for steel constructions.

The distinctive feature of this year`s exhibition is the extensive business programme - more than 20 seminars and presentations will be held in two halls. Innovative fire safety systems and technologies will be the main subjects of seminars from the Pozhtechnica Group of companies and Siberian Project Company. Partners of Egida Group prepared seminars on the subjects of "New Products of the Egida Group from Kazakhstan and GeoVision Video Surveillance Systems", "Automatic Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems. Configuration and Methods of Use" and "New Developments in Altonika Messaging Systems".

As always, AIPS 2014 will have the support of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Almaty Mayoral Administration .

Over its four years of existence, the event has become the largest and most prestigious exhibition for the sector in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Most of the key companies in the region display their products and new developments at their stands. The market of Kazakhstan continues to attract the attention of companies from other countries that work in the field of safety and security, which is proven by the constant participation of representatives of foreign companies.

AIPS 2014 is co-located with ÊÑÌ – Kazakhstan Construction Materials and KazRealty – Real Property and Investments.

You can find more detailed information about the AIPS 2014 exhibition, schedule of seminars and presentations and the list of exhibitors on official web-site of the event at www.aips.kz .

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5th Anniversary Astana Mining & Metallurgy International Congress
12-13 June 2014, Astana, Palace of Independence

Preparations for the AMM 2014 Congress

The Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan has reported that the 2nd session of the Organising Committee of the 5th Anniversary International Mining & Metallurgy Congress has taken place on the 31st of January 2014 chaired by First Deputy Minister Albert Rau.

The AMM Congress will take place on 12-13 June 2014 in the Palace of Independence in Astana. The purpose of AMM is to cover all issues connected to the full cycle of production processes, from geological surveying, ore extraction, enrichment and processing to the manufacture of high tech products.

The agenda for the session included a number of issues related to preparation for the event: the confirmation of the date and details of the events of the AMM 2014 Congress, the determination of the main subject of the Forum and discussion of the programme for the round tables.

The Organising Committee gave special attention to preparing Kazakhstan for the organisation of the next session of the World Mining Congress (WMC) Organising Committee which will take place on the 11th of June as part of AMM 2014 in the Oval Hall of the Palace of Independence . The members of the World Mining Congress Organising Committee voted unanimously at the 23rd World Mining Congress in Canada in August 2013 to support the application of Kazakhstan to hold the session of the 25th World Mining Congress in 2018 in Astana. Another decision confirmed at the session was to hold the 95th meeting of the International Organising Committee of the World Mining Congress on the 11th of June at the Astana Mining & Metallurgy Congress in Astana.

As a result of the session, it was decided to confirm the traditional structure of the AMM Congress which consists of the forum, exhibition, round tables, seminars and the "Gold Gefest" competition. Ministers responsible for relevant industries in countries that are the leaders of world mining and metallurgy are expected to speak at the plenary session of AMM 2014.

According to the instructions of the organising committee, special attention will be paid to modernisation of Mining and Metallurgy facilities, energy efficiency and the safe development of deposits when composing the detailed programme of round tables and forum sessions. The results of the state programme for the Accelerated Industrial-Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be declared at the AMM forum.

The AMM Congress Organising Committee includes the heads of industrial committees of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the heads of major state companies, manufacturing companies, research institutes and associations.

The main organiser of the AMM Congress is the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The event organisers are Kazakhstan exhibition company Iteca together with its international partner ITE Group Plc ( United Kingdom ).

`The role of the International Mining and Metallurgy Congress cannot be underestimated. From the very beginning, the congress was created as specialised platform for the exchange of experience, for finding solutions for issues in the industry and for meetings between producers, consumers and investors. The main purpose of the event was always to provide an opportunity for the direct demonstration of the latest achievements in the industry and the intensive exchange of experience, the introduction of the most modern technologies and the opening of new horizons for cooperation between national and foreign companies. This is a unique platform for dialogue that offers specialists and heads of leading world and national companies, international organisations, financial institutions, the diplomatic corps and the media the opportunity to discuss current issues in the mining and metallurgy industry` - stated Albert Rau, First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The AMM Congress is the most important international event in the national mining and metallurgy industry. In 2013, the multinational Congress and AMM 2013 exhibition became a platform for dialogue focussed on the main subject of "Prospects for the technological growth of the mining and metallurgy industry under the conditions of an unstable global economy". 1200 delegates from 20 countries and 176 companies took part in the AMM 2013 Congress. The exhibition included 33 companies from 6 countries - Kazakhstan, Russia, United Kingdom, Norway, Turkey and France .

You can find more detailed information about the event on the official website at www.amm.kz.

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