Head of State met with WKO youth activists

Head of State met with WKO youth activists

The head of state visited the youth resource center in Aksai, where he met with young activists of the region.

The participants of the conversation shared their achievements and successes with the President. In particular, the director of the Uspenovsky complex of the school and kindergarten Asylkhan Karmysov said that after receiving an education in the city, he returned home with pleasure to work for the benefit of his native village.

Anastasia Zolotar, a student of the 9th grade of school No. 5 of the city of Aksai, is the winner of the republican competitions in the Kazakh language and literature. She is proud to live and be educated in Kazakhstan, a country with a bright future.

Diyor Nurullaev was born in the Turkestan region and graduated from the West Kazakhstan State University named after M. Utemisov under the Serpin program. Currently, he teaches physics at secondary school No. 4 in Aksai. Diyor Nurullayev asked the head of state to consider the possibility of providing housing for young professionals as part of the program for the development of single-industry towns.

Entrepreneur Kristina Omelyashko, having received a grant under the Business Bastau program, was able to turn her hobby into a successful business project. Today, her author's products are bought not only by local residents, but also by foreign tourists.

The head of state stressed that the future of the country directly depends on the younger generation. According to him, the state will always support hardworking and talented young people, their ideas and initiatives.

The President noted that the city of Aksai, which he visited the previous time 23 years ago, has changed a lot during this time.

Aksai Youth Resource Center provides local residents with services in various fields. In particular, Bolashak coworking and Ayala charity shop are located in the center. There is also a youth service center that deals with the employment of unemployed youth of the NEET category. The center's specialists provide psychological assistance to adolescents and young people who have encountered life difficulties or have been subjected to domestic violence.

By the Kazakhstanskaya Pravda