Kazakh President welcomes Digital Bridge 2023 Forum participants

Kazakh President welcomes Digital Bridge 2023 Forum participants

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev welcomed the participants of the Digital Bridge 2023 International Technology Forum in Astana.

Addressing the attendees, he spoke on artificial intelligence and its revolutionary impact on human life.

“Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction, it has become a reality. A new era is beginning. The impact of AI technologies is as revolutionary as the discovery of electricity and the Internet, the President said.

According to him, AI can completely change the format of human life, automate work processes and create significant economic value on a huge scale.

"Experts say, the contribution of AI to the global economy may amount to a quarter of global GDP," the President noted.

In his words, Kazakhstan has to adopt a strategic document which will determine the sphere of use, objectives and tools of development of AI.

He said that this step will let set a sustainable vector of the country’s technological progress. “First of all, we must focus on implementation of AI technologies in such important sectors, as oil and gas, energy, agriculture, transport and logistics. To a great extent, AI can optimize the process of transformation of our cities in full-fledged smart cities, which will be favorable for living and work,” said Tokayev.

He emphasized that AI can be widely used in provision of public services and reminded of the launch of the Digital Family Map,  which enables to define the level of people’s social wellbeing and help them proactively. "Similar product must be implemented for business on the ground of Baiterek Holding, which has already begun its full-fledged digital transformation," he stressed.

Reported by Kazinform.