RK Government Project Office will monitor implementation of President’s Address


The government has developed a nationwide action plan to improve the situation in the country. The main directions of the plan were presented by the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Alikhan Smailov. The project consists of 81 events in five areas.

“Under the item Intensively developed and inclusive economy, 27 measures will be taken to diversify the economy, develop business and the banking sector, tax and budget legislation. For micro and small businesses within the framework of the Business Roadmap-2025, measures of state support for new and social projects will be implemented. These enterprises will be exempted from income tax and checks for 3 years. In addition, an analysis of the effectiveness of national companies will be made, with suggestions for their reduction," he said.

"Under the item Strong regions, a strong country, 10 measures are planned for implementation," the minister continued.

"The evaluation system of local executive bodies will be revised, the competences of the administrations of three large cities will be expanded, the number of housing program operators will be reduced, an institute for the study of legislation under the parliament will be created. Gas distribution networks will be phased into operation to connect to the Saryarka gas pipeline," he said.

Under the item New stage of social modernisation, 18 events are planned. In particular, housing lending under the With a Diploma to the Village program will be expanded, an analysis of the number of universities will be conducted, the remuneration of teachers, employees of cultural and art organisations will be increased, Smailov promised.

In addition, measures will be taken to improve targeted social assistance and introduce a guaranteed social package for children from low-income families.

Under the item Modern Effective State, 11 measures are planned to be implemented to formulate proposals on the work plan of the National Commission for Modernisation; strengthening the quality of work with appeals of citizens and organisations, phased reduction of the number of civil servants and employees of national companies by 25%, permitting peaceful meetings in certain places, taking into account accessibility for participants.

Under the item Ensuring the rights and security of citizens, 15 measures will be taken to improve the quality of court decisions, test the Digital Judicial Practice Analytics system, and reorganise the work of the Administrative Police Committee based on international best practices, the minister added.

“It is planned to adopt 6 laws to toughen the punishment of a number of serious crimes against the individual, such as sexual violence, paedophilia, drug trafficking, human trafficking, domestic violence against women, poaching, administrative justice, the introduction of anti-corruption measures, and increasing guarantees for protecting citizens' rights. Until the end of 2020, the concept of the development of the Armed Forces and military units will be adopted in the new edition," he concluded.

Coordination and monitoring of the implementation of activities of the Nationwide Action Plan will be behind the project office of the government.

Earlier, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev instructed to exempt small businesses from paying taxes and imposed a temporary ban on inspections of entrepreneurs. A number of initiatives voiced by the head of state were taken into account in the development of a national action plan.

By Jamilya Karimova for LS (Kazakhstan).