Changes to Constitution will open a new chapter in history of Independent Kazakhstan – President


A meeting on introducing changes and additions to the Constitution chaired by Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev took place at the Akorda Presidential Residence.

Attending the meeting were Senate Chairman Maulen Ashimbayev, Majilis Speaker Yerlan Koshanov, Secretary of State Yerlan Karin, Head of the President’s Administration Murat Nurtleu, Justice Minister Kanat Mussin, and members of the Working Group. Addressing the meeting, the Head of State highlighted that to realize the political initiatives laid down in the state-of-the-nation address changes and additions to the Constitution are needed. «The Working Group prepared necessary changes developed by eminent legal scholars, Human Rights Commissioner, Parliament reps, and government bodies’ officials. They include scholars who worked in the Constitutional Court, and Constitutional Council.

Certainly, their rich experience served to develop new norms of the Constitution. The exchange of views on the creation of a Constitutional Court and regulation of its work was particularly useful,» said the President.

The Head of State pointed to the importance of including all the proposed initiatives aimed at the serious political transformation of the society in the prepared draft changes and additions to the Constitution.

«In essence, they mean the transition of Kazakhstan to a quality new model of formation and interaction of governing institutions, establishment of a new political culture. To better understand I identified this model, this process as the Second Republic. In line with the new paradigm the powers of the President are reduced; the role of Parliament and maslikhats is strengthened considerably. Citizens’ participation expands, and human rights field strengthens,» said Tokayev.

In his speech, the Head of State pointed to the important role of the changes regarding the provision of human rights. In conclusion, the Head of State expressed gratitude to the members of the Working Group for the huge work done in a short time. «Today, I will submit the bill to introduce changes to the Constitution to the Constitutional Court. This is the requirement of our Basic law. I am sure that the changes to the Constitution will open a new chapter in the history of Independent Kazakhstan. This is an important milestone in the construction of New Kazakhstan,» concluded the Kazakh President.

By Kazinform