Kazakh PM urges to step up work to curb inflation


Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov urged the Government and akims (governors) to step up work to curb inflation and take effective measures to maintain economic growth.

While addressing the meeting of the Government, Premier Smailov said GDP saw an increase of 4.6% in five months of 2022 mainly thanks to dynamic development of the real sector of economy. Production of foodstuffs and beverages went up by 3% and over 18%, respectively. Light industry and chemical industry demonstrated an 8% and 11% increase, accordingly. Growth was observed in oil refining, pharmaceutical, mining, construction, transport, communications and other sectors of economy.

According to Smailov, key indicators have shown growth in Akmola, Almaty, Kyzylorda, East Kazakhstan regions as well as the cities of Shymkent and Nur-Sultan. Prime Minister Smailov went on to note that annual inflation had amounted to 14%, while food inflation had reached 19%.

«Growing global food prices remain one of the key factors behind accelerating inflation. Government and akims (governors) should step up work to curb inflation and take effective measures,» Smailov added.

By Kazinform