Georgian PM pays official visit to Kazakhstan

Georgian PM pays official visit to Kazakhstan

Kazakh Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov held a meeting with Ben Driggs, President of Global High Growth Regions, and Uygar Doyuran, President of High Growth Regions in Turkey, Israel, and Central Asia, at Honeywell.

The meeting focused on the decarbonization of the economy, implementation of the latest green technologies in the industry, as well as the plans of Honeywell to launch new projects in Kazakhstan.

Addressing the meeting, Smailov noted that Kazakhstan remains the most attractive in terms of investment in CA, with the government measures for a greater investment climate and legal protection of foreign capital contributing to it.

«We're to carry on fulfilling our commitments before foreign partners and ready to create all necessary conditions for further cooperation,» said the Kazakh PM. On his part, Ben Driggs said that Honeywell considers opportunities to carry out projects in Kazakhstan connected with carbon capture and plastic recycling technologies as well as the production of green jet and diesel fuel.

«We welcome your plans to launch new investment projects within our country. In this regard, I'd like to underline that the Government intends to step up cooperation in the said areas and provide the necessary support,» said Smailov.

By Kazinform