Congratulations of the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on the New Year

Congratulations of the Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on the New Year

In just a few minutes, we will celebrate the new year 2023 with the whole country.

We are waiting for the New Year with the kindest and brightest hopes. At this wonderful moment, we say our warmest and most sincere wishes to each other. We make plans for the future, make wishes.

Like millions of fellow citizens, I look with great hope into the new year 2023 and wish it to bring happiness.

The outgoing year has become difficult for our country. In January we faced an unprecedented test in the history of our Independence. But thanks to unity, we were able to survive and save the country. At all times, our people with honor overcame any difficulties and hardships. And this time we just as resolutely went through all the difficulties and continued our confident movement forward.

This year has become a turning point for Kazakhstan.

We have strengthened our statehood and embarked on the path of renewal and modernization. By amending the Constitution through a national referendum, we have given it a true spirit of justice. Now the President will be elected only once for a seven-year term. The reform of the parliamentary system has begun. Citizens supported ongoing large-scale transformations. New rules have been introduced into the electoral process. The presidential elections were held openly and honestly.

All this allowed us to make significant progress in the comprehensive modernization of the country's political system.

We carried out an administrative-territorial reform, as a result of which three new regions were created - Abay, Ulytau, Zhetisu.

The first meeting of the National Kurultai was held. We began to solve the most urgent problems through a national dialogue.

Republic Day has acquired the status of a national holiday.

A lot of good things happened in the country this year. More than 400 thousand babies were born, and the homes of many of our fellow citizens were filled withhappiness. In the Year of Children, we launched the National Fund for Children initiative. This is a significant step for the bright future of the younger generation.

Domestic farmers have collected 23 million tons of grain. 5 million hectares of unused land have been returned to state ownership. A number of large-scale productions were launched, thousands of new jobs were created.

The fund "Kazakhstan khalkyna" has been created, providing concrete assistance to many of our citizens.

Thanks to the achievements of Kazakh athletes at the world championships, our sky-blue flag proudly fluttered.

In difficult geopolitical conditions, we have increased and strengthened the international prestige of Kazakhstan, a number of countries have confirmed our status as a reliable partner.


The outgoing 2022 will go down in history as the year of Overcoming.

Our country has endured incredible trials. In the face of difficulties, the people of Kazakhstan rallied in the name of our common bright future, we became even stronger. No challenges prevented us from continuing cardinal reforms. A solid foundation for a Just Kazakhstan was laid.

Political transformations are being carried out consistently. The constitutional referendum and presidential elections marked the beginning of a reset of key institutions of power. Elections of deputies of the Senate, Mazhilis and maslikhats of all levels will be held next year. Citizens will directly elect district akims. I am sure that this will lead to the formation of new democratic traditions and the enhancement of political culture in the country.

Significant progress has been made in the protection of human rights.

A difficult process of demonopolization and restructuring of our economy has begun. We won't stop there.

In the new year, we will continue to build quality roads, build affordable housing, modern schools and hospitals. The authorities will create favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship. The primary tasks of the Government are to curb inflation and increase the real incomes of citizens, the establishment of production. My first Decree after the re-election launched a comprehensive work on the revival of the village, the development of rural areas.

We will do our best to support people dedicated to their work, true professionals and patriots of our Motherland. The heroes of our people are workers of enterprises and fields, scientists and cultural figures, military and law enforcement officers, engineers and builders, entrepreneurs and athletes, patrons and volunteers, journalists and media workers, and of course, teachers, educators, doctors, all medical and social workers.

Dear friends!

We have high hopes for the coming year 2023.

As you well know, the situation in the world is very difficult. Despite this, we believe that the next year will be successful and fruitful for our country. We have to do large-scale work, implement many plans.

The main task is to strengthen our statehood and improve the well-being of the people. As President, I will do my best to achieve my goals.

In the new year, we will hold important events that will help strengthen national identity. Undoubtedly, by uniting and working together, we will achieve great success in the new year. I am deeply convinced of this.

Despite all the difficulties of the outgoing year, we still look to the future with optimism. We hope that the coming year 2023 will be a year of opportunities and new achievements. The path will not be easy. But we need to move forward to achieve our goals, casting aside all doubts and fears.

The road will be mastered by the walking one.

Our people say: "Abundance and prosperity in the house where there is good." Therefore, let the new year fill our hearts with kindness and warmth to each other. Most importantly, we need to work hard for the prosperity of Kazakhstan.

May the new year be blessed for our people!

May every home be filled with happiness and joy!

I wish you all good health and success!

Happy New Year!

By the Kazakhstanskaya Pravda