Kazakh head of state urges to step up EAEU integration

Kazakh head of state urges to step up EAEU integration

Speaking at the Eurasian Economic Forum, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev stated the importance and relevance of defining new priorities of the EAEU’s development, Kazinform cites Akorda.

According to the Kazakh Head of State, the full realization of the EAEU Treaty is at the core of the Union.

“The full realization of the Treaty on the Union is the key, that is, ensuring the four freedoms and basic principles such as non-discriminatory access to infrastructure, just competition, equality, and national interests,” said Tokayev.

The Kazakh President stressed the importance of creating a full seamless environment of cooperation within the Union’s market.

“First, we need to focus on finally tackling the basis tasks of cooperation within the Union,” noted Tokayev.

He went on to note that economic integration is not an end in itself, but one of the means to develop economies and well-being of the peoples of the member countries, measured by the number of new productions, technologies, and working places.

“For us, the integration within the EAEU is primarily economic, as agreed in the 2015 Treaty,” concluded the Kazakh President.

Tokayev stressed the importance of developing the transport corridor ‘North-South’ as the key element of new global logistics.

“This meridional corridor overlaps with the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route. As such, significant synergy can be achieved in the coordinated and systemic development of both routes, which is not only the growth points for industry, transport, and economy. The routes can drastically change the level of interaction and cooperation across a vast territory of Eurasia,” said Tokayev.

By Adlet Seilkhanov for Kazinform.