Renewed Kazakhstan Newsline: Fresh Face, Improved Content


Facilitated by an upgraded website, Kazakhstan Newsline is offering its subscribers more entertaining as well as better in-depth information.

Added to the usual content are visuals – not only pictures but more importantly, overview, graphics and table of macroeconomics, state economics, corporate results and trends. Since in these sectors numbers rather than just words are telling the tale, this is an essential addition to our service.

Kazakhstan Newsline focuses mainly on Kazakhstan and will keep doing so. However, connected with an ever-growing trend of economic and political regionalization our service includes daily selected topics on all neighboring countries, the Russian Federation, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, plus Mongolia, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

The most important domains Kazakhstan Newsline is focusing on are those of general/political/strategic significance, and economics, industries and business – with an emphasis on the latter. Since productive sectors are by definition linked to markets, elaborate daily updates are being added on markets where Kazakhstan sells and/or means to sell its products. This concerns first and foremost oil and gas, coal, metals (including uranium) and cereals. 

Our new website allows us to provide users with tags, URL references and other links, including those to profiles of companies mentioned in items, of which Kazakhstan Newsline’s team is building up a database. Profiles include company history, ownership and regularly updated corporate and financial performance.

Kazakhstan Newsline keeps welcoming feedback from users and site visitors with the aim to continue its permanent efforts to improve its services in order to serve the needs of our wide variety of subscribers.