Kazakhstan’s economy has made a turning point – deputy minister


During a press conference at the Central Communications Service, First Vice-Minister of National Economy Ruslan Dalenov talked on Kazakhstan's economy performance, Kazpravda reports.

"You know that 4% GDP growth is higher than the world average, moreover, 2/3 is provided with quality, that is, with non-primary sectors, which is a turning point, and we believe that the economic growth indicates that Kazakhstan is developing," – Dalenov said.

Regarding the macro forecast, according to the MNE first deputy minister, some parameters are yet to be specified.

"First, the price of oil was laid for a year at $ 45 per barrel, today the price is a little above $ 60 per barrel. The forecasts of the World Bank and the IMF vary around $ 58. We are now looking at the forecast price for this year ", - Dalenov noted.

Also, according to him, export has increased, and is likely to grow on.

"Industry has grown stronger, industrial parameters are also moving upwards," he concluded.

Reported by Inga Selezneva for the Kazakhstanskaya Pravda.