Grain stocks in Kazakhstan increase by 2.5 times


Grain stocks in Kazakhstan as of October 1, 2020


As of September 1

As of October 1

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Total grain crops


 15 451 724





 12 204 442





  961 681





 2 285 601



September this year has become the month of the most intensive supply of grain from the new harvest. The harvesting campaign progressed at a particularly fast pace at the beginning of the month. By the beginning of October, Kazakhstani agricultural producers harvested 19.452 million tonnes of grain for the entire period of harvesting, the Aktobe region completed the harvesting campaign, and the average grain yield increased from 12.5 to 12.6 quintals per hectare.

In total, by October 1, in Kazakhstan, according to operational information on the harvesting of grain by the regional departments of agriculture, they harvested 15,449.5 thousand hectares or 97.8% and harvested 19,452 thousand tonnes with a yield of 12.6 quintals per hectare. Last year, by this period, 12,634.3 thousand hectares or 82.8% were threshed and 14,246.2 thousand tonnes were threshed with a yield of 11.3 quintals per hectare. In September, the amount of seed grain increased in the greatest dynamics, and fodder increased the least.

Grain stocks this year as of October 1 are higher than last year, mainly due to the high pace of the harvesting campaign. As of October 1, 2019, 12,654,519 tonnes of grain were recorded in Kazakhstan, less by 2,797,205 tonnes or by 18.1%, and compared to this period in 2018, the amount of grain is comparable, at 15,639,739 tonnes.

In August, new grain began to enter the barns of Kazakh agricultural producers at a higher rate, and grain stocks by the beginning of September increased more than 2 times. By this period, the harvesting campaign has unfolded in all grain-growing regions, and its pace exceeded the last year's level. The largest increase in stocks occurred in the feed grain segment. The amount of grain for seed and food has increased significantly.

Last year, during the August harvesting campaign, another 4,312.4 thousand tonnes of new grain were poured into the bins. But the total grain balance in 2019 increased in August in a smaller proportion from 3,468,869 to 5,106,469 tonnes, or by 47%. This situation is due to the earlier start of the current harvest. As a result, more grain was received in August this year, and grain stocks in 2020 by September 1 were higher than last year.

By the beginning of 2020, as of January 1, according to the Statistics Committee of Kazakhstan, 11,773,356 tonnes of grain were recorded in Kazakhstan, the volumes decreased in December by 1,398,783 tonnes or by 10.6%. By February 1, grain in the republic amounted to 10,255,843 tonnes and its volumes decreased by 1,517,513 tonnes or by 12.9%.

As of March 1, the amount of grain in Kazakhstan decreased to 9,168,971 tonnes, by 1,086,872 tonnes, or 10.6%. As of April 1, 7,777,018 tonnes of grain were recorded in Kazakhstan, with a decrease in March by 1,391,953 tonnes, or 15.2%. By May 1, the volume of grain decreased to 6,943,067 tonnes, by 833,951 tonnes or 10.7%. As of June 1, grain volumes in Kazakhstan decreased to 4,505,095, by 2,437,972 tonnes.

By the beginning of the new season, by July 1, 3,353,441 tonnes of grain remained in the republic, and the stocks decreased by 1,151,654 or 25.6%. During July, by August 1, grain volumes decreased by 396,567 tonnes to 2,956,874 tonnes, or 11.8%, and in August, grain stocks increased by 3,054,526 tonnes to 6,011,400 tonnes, or 2.033 times. As of September 1, the statistics of Kazakhstan took into account 15,451,724 tonnes of grain with an increase of 9,440,324 tonnes or 2.57 times.

The volume of food grains in September to October 1 increased by 7,667,242 tonnes from 4,537,200 tonnes on September 1 to 12,204,442 tonnes on October 1, by 2.69 times. The amount of seed grain increased by 725,181 tonnes from 236,500 to 961,681 tonnes, 4.06 times. Feed grain in September increased by 1,047,901 tonnes from 1,237,700 to 2,285,601, 1.85 times.

Food grain in August to September 1 increased by 2,138,950 tonnes from 2,398,250 on August 1 to 4,537,200 tonnes on September 1, 1.89 times. The volume of seed grain increased by 144,877 tonnes from 91,623 to 236,500 tonnes, 2.58 times. The number of feed grains in August increased by 770,698 tonnes from 467,002 to 1,237,700, 2.65 times.

By Sergey Bukatov for Kazakh Zerno.